Welcome to ARTlandish Gallery, where art comes to thrive!

Artlandish Gallery is a place where we have something for everyone. Artists can show off and sell their work, and if you are looking for something crafty or handmade, we have a little bit of everything for sale.

Artlandish for the shopper

Here at Artlandish we have tons of arts and crafts that make great gifts and decorations. We have such a wide variety of artists and styles that the choices are endless.
 Handmade Woodcraft
 Blown Glass

From fine craft to large art, there is something for everyone  here!

Artlandish for the Artist

We are always looking to connect with local artists who are looking to show their work and expose their art to the wide variety of art lovers who love coming into Artlandish. It is easy to get involved! Simply fill out the “Artist application” and either email your application to Artlandish@live.com or print your copy and drop it off in the store.

Artlandish for the rest

You dont need to be shopping or selling art to come into Artlandish! Feel free to come in and simply browse all the great art. There are endless things to look at and there are constantly events going on in  The North Village Art District 


Contact Artlandish

Contact info
Phone: (573) 442-2999
Email: Artlandish@live.com

Hours: Tuesday- Sunday 10a.m. -5p.m.
April-October, Sundays open 9a.m.-4p.m.


Where art comes to thrive

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