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Below is the artist application, If you are hoping to show and sell your art, you can fill out the application and either email it to or print it off and bring it to Artlandish Gallery.

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Please return to Gallery staff:

Date of application ______________________________

Gallery Staff/Volunteer taking application: ___________________________________________

Name of applicant artist: _________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City & State & Zip: ______________________________________________________________

Phone #: __________________________________________

Cell #: ___________________________________

Other Phone #: ________________________

E-mail: ______________________________________________________________

Medium and/or type of art/craft: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Check all that apply for preferred type of display space:

____ Shelves            ____ wall space

____ Combination of hanging and shelves

____ Jewelry space            ____ not sure

Date to begin as an Artlandish Artist: _______________________________________________

How long do you plan on being an Artlandish Artist (just a guess*)? ____ Holiday Season Only

____ Possibly 6 months to 1 year     ____ Permanent I hope     ____ No idea- month to month

**Artlandish policy is artists may leave the gallery with one month’s notice.

Signature of Artist: ______________________________________________

Date: __________


For office use only:

Artist Identification # _____________

Date booth rent to begin: _______________________________________

Booth Rent: $_________________   Scheduled? Y   N

Shifts per month: ______________

Authorized Artlandish Staff: _______________________________________ Date: _________


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